Fact: Your current inventory ‘system’ is horrible.

Be honest…your current inventory system is bad…really bad. Need proof? How many hours do you spend on inventory every single week? How often are inventory counts wrong? Or you run out of things right when you need them? Or someone dispensed Prednisone instead of Prednisolone? Or pet antibiotics go missing when someone has a sick kid at home. Or that case of flea pills on CraigsList might be from your inventory. Or you run out of 1cc syringes because someone forgot to put them on the reorder list. Or your controlled drug inventory is off enough to really worry you? Yep. We’ve all been there before. But now irxis can help.

Meet irxis [ˈīris]

irxs is really smart. irxis knows exactly what you have in inventory, at all times, which is more than you can say about your PMS. If irxis says you have 493 Tramadol pills, then you really have 493. irxis also knows when a nurse ‘accidentally’ dispenses one too many. If you’re short one, irxis will alert you to take action. And irxis shows you exactly what to order so you don’t run out and don’t have excess inventory sitting around.

This is all possible because irxis physically tracks what’s happening on your existing pharmacy shelves and what you your team is actually dispensing (not simply what they incorrectly enter – or ‘forget’ to enter – into your PMS). irxis intelligently senses when your staff makes honest and dishonest mistakes, and then alerts you to take action. No need for new shelves, staff, workflow, or special cabinets. No more inventory surprises. No more multi-day inventory counts for tax reporting. No more last-minute orders. No more overstocking or understocking.

Just everything correct…all of the time.

A small change
with massive benefits

Your team doesn’t have time to learn yet another system, so irxis doesn’t require any major changes. Our compact footprint of advanced technologies slips seamlessly into your current pharmacy workflow process. irxis does all the hard work behind the scenes and asks very little of your staff. It’s that easy.

Technology in the Cloud

Powerful, intelligent cloud-based technologies working for you quietly in the background.

irxis is technology, but not the kind that interferes with your job, slows you down, or angers you. irxis uses intelligent cloud-based software, a massive pharmacy transaction and pharmaceutical database, and smart sensors all sitting quietly in the background, monitoring your pharmacy activity, checking the accuracy of every interaction, and providing alerts you when something is wrong.

100% of the best staff in the best clinics all make serious mistakes some of the time. irxis helps stop these honest (and dishonest) mistakes . And once the mistakes stop, your inventory will magically be accurate all the time.

Born of necessity

For decades, our team owned and managed multiple hospitals. In that time, we learned a painful lesson… veterinary inventory and cash are equally high-risk assets. Many things kept us up at night… staff dispensing errors, medical errors, not charging properly, theft, misplacing, losing, discarding, spilling, expiring, hour-long order creation, ordering too little, ordering too much, costly multi-day inventory counts, always short/never long, costly labor overhead, out of stock essential supplies, and on… and on… and on.

So we committed to make the insanity stop. As a global team of software architects, developers, pharmacy techs, practice managers, veterinarians, and nurses…we all worked together to build irxis; an elegant solution to a very complex problem.

Veterinary practice managers and owners can now enjoy the fruits of this multi-year project…irxis inventory management and control that simply works the way it should.


News & Updates

July 1, 2021:
irxis Launches New Version to Help Veterinary Hospitals Accurately Forecast Purchase Requirements Adobe Acrobat PDF
October 12, 2020:
irxis Launches Dedicated Veterinary Hospital Software to Eliminate The Chaos Of Veterinary Inventory Management Adobe Acrobat PDF


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